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Domestic Helpers Protection Plan

Domestic helpers play an important part in the wellbeing of your household. They perform a variety of services for you and your family, from providing care for your children and loved ones to housekeeping, driving and maintenance. 


But what if something unexpected happens to them? What if you are not able to renew their residency permit? Or what if they leave without your knowledge or abscond?


AXA’s Domestic Helpers Protection Plan is affordable and covers your responsibilities towards your domestic helper to give you peace of mind. It is comforting to know you will have support and financial security if something unexpected happens.


Key Benefits



With just one single policy, you can be covered in the event your domestic helper absconds, passes away or fails to pass the mandatory medical examination upon renewal of their work and residency permit.



Domestic Helpers Protection Plan covers:


Absconding: if your domestic helper fails to return to work during the sponsorship period.
Failure to Pass Medical Examination: if your domestic helper fails the mandatory medical test upon renewal of their work and residency permit.
Death: in the unfortunate event your domestic helper passes away whilst under your sponsorship.


AXA will pay for the repatriation of the domestic helper (or their bodily remains) to their home country and manage all the repatriation process on your behalf.



AXA will also pay the sponsor a lump sum of AED 5,000 in case of death or failure to pass the mandatory medical examination.



For an additional optional premium of AED 100 for a one-year policy term, and AED 200 in case of a two-year policy term, AXA covers your insured domestic helper in case they pass away during the term of your policy and pays a lump sum of AED 50,000 to their designated beneficiaries.


Key Services


How to Apply?

  • Call 800 AXA(292) 
  • Email: domestichelpers@axa-gulf.com
  • Provide copies of:
  • Your Emirates ID card
  • Your domestic helper’s passport (main & visa/residency permit page)
  • Pay the premium and the policy will be issued immediately.

How to Claim?

In the event of an incident, our claims team, are available 24 hours, 7 days a week:

  • Call 800 AXA(292)
  • Email: domestichelpers.claims@axa-gulf.com

Our claims team will record the details of the incident and advise you of the next steps.
Once the claim is registered, you will get an acknowledgement email.


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Ambulance 998



Terms & Conditions apply.


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