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Health Protect Plan designed for SMEs

SME Healthcare


We realize that getting the right health insurance for your business can be complicated and costly sometimes.  That is why we have designed Health Protect, a product adapted for Small and Medium sized Enterprises, ensuring:

•  A simple design 

•  Affordable rates

•  Easy enrollment

•  Six coverage options to choose from

•  Comprehensive coverage

•  A wide network of suppliers


Health Protect Covers You For:

•  Pre-existing and chronic conditions

•  Out-patient consultations, treatment and diagnostics

•  Major cancer treatment

•  Routine dental cover (if available in selected option)


Choose one of our different pre-defined plans based on your needs. These plans are fixed in terms of benefits and premiums.



These are our top of the range plans and allow you to access medical treatment anywhere in the world and highest level of coverage.



These comprehensive plans cover you for treatment in North Africa and Middle East as well as the major trading nations of the Indian sub-continent and South-East Asia. It provides access to the best medical care available in your country of residence and beyond.



Our local plans are designed for those who are looking for the quality health benefits as well a substantial overall annual benefit limit for high value treatment at a lower premium. This plan is ideal for those businesses whose employees do not travel extensively outside UAE.

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